Ellen Lee DeGeneres Shares The Results Of Her Medical Check-Up Before Turning 60


Ellen Lee DeGeneres Shares The Results Of Her Medical Check-Up Before Turning 60

Ellen Lee DeGeneres turns 60 on January 28th, 2018, and she decided to surprise her fans by sharing the results of her physical condition. Ellen mentioned that she feels great at such an age, probably because she eats healthy foods and exercises every day.

A couple of days before her 60th birthday, Ellen Lee DeGeneres shared the outcome of her medical check-up. On the Ellen Show, she said to the audience:

Normally these results would be private. But since the President released his last week, I thought it would be fair if I do the same thing.

Ellen invited Dr. Griffin Monroe from the General Hospital to share the information with the public. People who were present at the show could help not but laugh, as everything was presented in a funny and positive way.




For example, the doctor called the stethoscope a “heart listener”, and said that Ellen turns 90 instead of 60 because his notebook was turned upside down. Ellen chose an excellent way to show what a good humor she has!

People in social media reacted immediately by telling that they can’t believe Ellen is turning 60 already!

Ellen decided to share her results after the White House physician, Ronny L. Jackson, did the same thing at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. After a 4-hour annual medical check-up, he stated that President Trump is very healthy and it would remain so for the duration of his presidency.

Ellen Lee DeGeneres knows how to make good jokes and there is no wonder so many people love her.

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