Ellen DeGeneres Wore A Dress, And Fans Say She Didn't Look Comfortable At All


Ellen DeGeneres Wore A Dress, And Fans Say She Didn't Look Comfortable At All

When it comes to menswear, TV show host, Ellen DeGeneres, has wardrobe changes right to the last letter. From trendy blazers to complimentary pants and really cool sneakers, she always looks dressed right for the occasion.


But it hasn’t been an entirely smooth ride for Ellen. Earlier in her career, especially during the 90’3, Ellen’s go-to outfit was a pair of baggy jeans and oversize tops.

All of that has a changed now that Ellen traded it in for some pretty stand-out looks. She is about one of the best-dressed women on television who makes menswear her staple.


She used to wear dresses.

A video hit the internet a while back showing Ellen wearing a dress at the 46th Emmys. This is probably the first time a lot of Ellen fans got to see her in a dress.

Although the video got over a million likes and mostly positive comments, some people said that Ellen looked far from comfortable in the dress. One viewer teased Ellen about wearing diamond earrings, something she never does now, except it is part of a gag on her show.

Most people were glad that Ellen could now dress any way she wanted, even more so now that she had her own show. It was even suggested that Ellen looked a lot like the late Princess Diana. What are the odds? Whatever the case, we are sure this video still gets Ellen chuckling.


Now everyone can wear what they want.

Times are a lot different now. Many people enjoy the freedom to choose their own wardrobe, however zany it may be. And Ellen does just that. She may never have had a flair for the ridiculous, but you will catch her on occasion in some pretty bizarre outfits.

Ellen wore this swan dress while hosting the 53rd Emmy Awards in 2001. The outfit came complete with ballerina shoes. Her inspiration was a dress worn by Icelandic artist Bjork to the 73rd Academy Awards in the same year.


Ellen wore this green body suit while in Las Vegas. It was a mock-up of Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress of Grammy fame.

Finally, on a special segment of her show with Drew Barrymore, she got to play a princess in a purple ballgown.

She’s fun to watch in costumes and dresses, but fans think she looks a lot cooler in her own clothes.

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