"Elite Prison": Tom Cruise Reportedly Moved His Family To A Luxury Scientology Apartments To Trap Them In Church


"Elite Prison": Tom Cruise Reportedly Moved His Family To A Luxury Scientology Apartments To Trap Them In Church

Tom Cruise gained his popularity from his amazing acting career. Just remember Mission: Impossible film series! Although his roles made him famous, he is well-known for his special religious beliefs too. The actor is fiercely dedicated to the Church of Scientology and lets his faith dictate how he should live. But what about his relatives and kids? Are they also involved?

Tom Cruise is an advocate for the Church of Scientology

Tom Cruise not only remains devoted to the Church of Scientology, he even indoctrinated his adopted kids into Scientology, according to some reports. This move led to a heartbreaking situation as the children were separated from their adoptive mom, Nicole Kidman. Speaking to Daily Mail former Scientology member Sam Domingo revealed:

He was so tough on them, the Cruise kids had no choice. After the divorce, they were indoctrinated into Scientology and very much isolated. You can’t be anti-Scientology if you’re part of Tom’s family, you will be disconnected – look at his daughter Suri.

Indeed, Tom Cruise seemingly cut all ties with his ex-wife Katie Holmes and, by extension, their daughter Suri. While Katie and Suri are lucky enough to have stayed together, Nicole Kidman lost her son and daughter to Scientology.

However, according to reports, the high-ranking Scientologist went even further. It seems that Tom is taking steps to ensure he doesn’t lose any more of his family members, like what happened with Suri.

Trapped in a cult?

According to The Sun, Tom Cruise moved his three sisters to the same luxury property in Florida to keep them under Scientology members’ watchful eye. The publication reports that the fact of the purchase was discovered via The Skyview apartment complex’s records.

The property has been dedicated to the Church of Scientology and houses its numerous members.

Former Scientology member Katrina Reyes believes Cruise aims to keep his family under one roof and make sure no one strays from the Church like Katie Holmes and Suri did. Reyes told The Sun:

He’s moved them into the same building, so they’re available to him 24/7, and they have to receive Scientology services and courses and be onboard with the program. It’s all about control, if one person strays, the family can bring that person back in.

Social users were surprised by Cruise’s decision

Tom Cruise was involved with the Church in 1990 through his wife, Mimi Rogers and he works hard to introduce more people to Scientology. Even his sisters and kids haven’t escaped his influence. What do you think about Tom’s actions? Will it bring his family closer or ultimately push his relatives away?

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