Eight-Year-Old Girl Cuts Off Her Princess-Like Hair To Make A Wig For A Sick Child


Eight-Year-Old Girl Cuts Off Her Princess-Like Hair To Make A Wig For A Sick Child

Disney taught us that movie princesses are often share two very important traits – kindness and generosity. And one little girl has outshined them all when she decided to donate her Rapunzel-like hair to sick children.


Ruby Cotter, from Essex, has dreamy blonde locks that are almost as long as her height. But when the eight-year-old found out that children can lose their hair as a result of illness, she decided to cut her hair off and donate it to a charity that makes wigs so that another girl can have hair like a Disney princess.

According to Metro, the little one talked about her wish with her parents after she learned that there are organizations, like Little Princess Trust, that make wigs using long human hair just like hers.

Little Princess Trust is the UK based charity that supplies high-quality wigs made of real hair to children and young adults who lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment or other illnesses. The charity was originally organized in memory of five-year-old Hannah Tarplee who died as a result of cancer in 2005, by her parents and her headmaster.

Ruby’s parents set up a page called JustGiving where Ruby shared her goal. According to the page, the eight-year-old wanted to raise enough money to make a second wig, too. Ruby wrote:

 I am eight years old and have always had very long hair, nearly as long as me. I heard about the children that are sad because they have no hair because they are sick and it has probably fallen out, so I wanted to give them mine because I don’t need it all, and I want to make them happy again. I am donating my hair and also I would like to raise £500 which pays for another wig to be made.

But the selflessness of the little girl has inspired many people who are continuing to donate to her cause, which is now raised £1,173.86.

Ruby has set up a date – the last day of school before the Easter half-term – when she wants to cut her hair off, and she is already thinking about growing it out in order to make another donation.

Many high-profile people have already donated their hair to Little Princess Trust, including a singer Harry Styles and the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Kate sent her gorgeous locks anonymously by someone else’s name.

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