Echoes Of A Past Scandal: Say Hello To Zara Phillips' Half-Sisters


Echoes Of A Past Scandal: Say Hello To Zara Phillips' Half-Sisters



Princess Zara Tindall, neé Phillips, may be a world-renowned equestrian and an Olympics medalist, but the royal blood pumping in her veins makes her life more dramatic.

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What is fascinating about her is that she has two half-sisters, Felicity Tonkin and Stephanie Phillips, but has never met one. Let’s get right into that!

Zara is cozy with Stephanie

Stephanie is Captain Phillips’ daughter from his second marriage after his divorce from Princess Anne. Though there is a 17-year gap between her and Zara, the bond is quite glaring. This was proven beyond doubt when Stephanie was part of Zara’s bridal train back in 2011 when she got married.

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Later that same year, a picture surfaced of both them warmly embracing at the Burghley Horse Trials in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Sisters as good as strangers

Here, the story is not so rosy. In the summer of 1985, a bundle of joy named Felicity Wade, neé Tonkin, was born after Captain Phillips and Heather Tonkin had a one-night stand while he was still married to Zara’s mother. When he learned of the pregnancy, he tried to get Heather to terminate it. Heather refused, so he was forced to pay the sum of £6,000 annually (which was disguised as ‘equestrian consultancy’) for the baby’s upkeep.

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As time went on, the payments became sporadic. This development, coupled with his outright denial of the child, led Heather to speak up in 1991, and the media went wild!

Now, Felicity lives in New Zealand, and she has never met her father or his other family. Even though Zara spent some time in New Zealand some years ago, the two never got together to catch up on family history.

The two ladies share a love for horses, but it seems like even that’s not strong enough to bring them together.

What is the story now?

Felicity is married to Tristan Wade, and she welcomed her first born in 2017.

The little boy will probably never get to know his aunt Zara, but the young family seems to be happy all the same.

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