Donald Trump Under Fire Again. This Time, For Golfing And Tweeting From Virginia During McCain's Funeral


Donald Trump Under Fire Again. This Time, For Golfing And Tweeting From Virginia During McCain's Funeral



After about a week of activities celebrating one of America’s finest lawmakers, the late Senator John McCain was laid to rest at the U.S. Naval Academy on Sunday, September 2. A horse-drawn caisson carried the senator’s casket, followed by a procession of family and close friends.

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Leading the procession was Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Senator, and his three children. Also, in attendance were the members of McCain’s Class of 1958. In a traditional millitary fashion, the former POW was celebrated by an aircraft flyover in the ‘missing man’ formation.

President Trump was not invited

Before his passing, McCain requested that his funeral be kept private. The list of pallbearers included two men, who were POWs with McCain in Vietnam, John Fer and Everett Alvarez Jr.

President Trump reportedly spent the hours during McCain’s funeral golfing in Virginia, since he was not on the guest list, as requested by McCain.

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During the time, the President sent out a number of tweets about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the Canadian government.

He’s still feeling the heat

Many observers on Twitter were quite upset with the President, calling him out for his insensitivity, and suggested that he was disrespectful to McCain by tweeting and golfing during the funeral. And they were not alone. Even pro-Trump supporters and prominent Republicans find the President’s actions distasteful.

However, some commentators feel the President was well in his rights to spend his weekend the way he wanted, seeing as he was not invited to the funeral.

Last week, President Trump drew sharp criticism from politicians on both sides of the divide when he reluctantly acknowledged the death of McCain with a two-line tweet. Relations between the President and McCain in the past were tense, and the President openly expressed his dislike of the late Senator.

While the President may be in his rights to spend his personal time as he wishes, it is quite sad that he would intentionally refuse to pay McCain the respect he deserves, even more so, as the late McCain was a staunch Republican.

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