Donald Trump Jr. Shares A Powerful Post: He Teaches Americans Not To Be Ashamed Of Their Nation's Achievements


Donald Trump Jr. Shares A Powerful Post: He Teaches Americans Not To Be Ashamed Of Their Nation's Achievements

Everybody knows who Donald Trump is, but what about his son? Donald Trump Jr. is an American businessperson who currently works with his sister Ivanka and brother Eric as an executive vice president of the Trump Organization.

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Earlier political career

Like his father, Donald is fond of politics. He actually took part in his dad’s presidential campaign but got scandalous fame. In 2017, some were outraged because it turned out that he had a secret meeting with the lawyer from Russia the year before, exactly during the time Trump was running for office.

Sure, many people believed that the president’s son was eager to get some important financial information to compromise Hilary Clinton, another candidate. But later, he confirmed the fact of the meeting and opened up about its main topic, which was nothing else but the adoption of kids from Russia.

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What about now?

Right now, he supports his father in "making America great again." In fact, his social media accounts are all about politics, and his followers seem to love what he is doing. A few days ago, Donald posted a pic of himself with a powerful slogan, teaching the US citizens not to apologize for being Americans and cherish their country’s achievements.

We don’t apologize for being American. We cherish our flag, our history, our economic success and the unparalleled positive impact that America has had on the world.

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People’s reactions

Of course, this sentiment immediately evoked people’s strong emotional reactions. His followers showed the president’s son that they really appreciate his statement.

Many said that they are really proud to be the US citizens.

And some even suggested Trump Jr. run for office!

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Family man

Actually, some other popular posts of Trump Jr. are those devoted to his family, especially his daughter Chloe.

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He seems to love spending time with his near and dear, and holidays are not an exception. On December 31, Donald’s family had two occasions to celebrate: his 40th birthday and the New Year’s Eve.

On this day, he also paid tribute to his father by making a heartfelt post featuring Donald with his dad throughout the years.

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No matter what, the Trumps are the family that stays together.

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