Doctors Advised Parents To Pick Male Sex For An Unusual Child. How The Hermaphrodite Is Living Now


Doctors Advised Parents To Pick Male Sex For An Unusual Child. How The Hermaphrodite Is Living Now

Approximately 1 in 2,000 newborn babies may have a developmental anomaly called hermaphroditism – a simultaneous or consecutive occurrence of both male and female sexual characters and reproductive organs. Parents are offered to make a decision of which organs should be kept, meaning what child they will be raising – a son or a daughter. Sometimes, the situation takes an unexpected turn.

Hermaphrodite Sofia (@tiktaksolove) has told her story about her parents’ decision to have a son, made at the suggestion of doctors in 1996, and what it led to.

From an early age, she felt uncomfortable being a boy. Everything seemed disgusting to her: clothes, games, talking to peers. She didn’t even look similar to her male classmates. While dolls and pretty clothes attracted her.

At about 16 years old, Sofia came to find out what was wrong with her with doctors’ help – it turned out that her DNA had predominating female chromosomes, which she felt in her body. Hormone therapy helped her to gain a more feminine shape and the laws allowed her to get a passport with the name Sofia. Now the girl is growing her hair, and openly wears makeup and appropriate clothing.

But the most important thing is that she has found peace of mind and can tell her story so that parents whose newborns face the same problem could give it a good thought before making the fateful decision for their child.

Supporting the fact that the issue of hermaphrodites exists everywhere in the world, here is the life story of Australian model, Sophia Young: she had been a girl up to the age of 11, and thereafter a boy.

Her dream is to be a woman and get rid of all the "male parts."

Have you ever heard such stories before?

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