Do Family Bonds Affect Ivanka Trump's Opinion On Donald's Sexual Assault Allegations?


Do Family Bonds Affect Ivanka Trump's Opinion On Donald's Sexual Assault Allegations?

In the recent years, more and more powerful men have faced serious allegations of sexual misconduct. And most of them have also suffered consequences. However, there’s one man who denies all the accusations – Donald Trump.

At least 20 women accused him of harassment and assault that took place from 1980s to 2010s. The president either says they’re lying or jokes that some of them were not attractive enough for him to have any sexual interest in them. But does his daughter Ivanka believe him?


Growing indignant

Actually, the daughter of the POTUS was asked this question during one of the interviews. Her answer amazed Internet users. Growing indignant, she told a reporter that it was inappropriate to ask such a question because Trump is her dad. She also added:

I believe my father. I know my father. So I think I have that right as a daughter to believe my father.

But people believe that Ivanka should answer legitimate questions because she is the Special Advisor to her dad. And some even said that it was inappropriate that she’s the Special Advisor to the president who is her father. Apparently, family bonds do not allow her to respond objectively.

Here are some of the media personalities’ reactions:

The same concerns Donald Trump who often compliments his daughter on being the best representative of the country. Take, for example, this tweet:

Surely, the president wanted to show how proud he was of his daughter, but Twitter users were quick to change the game.

WHY can’t we have a better, smarter, person representing our country?

So, people are either too picky or really want the two to leave family relations behind when at work.

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