DIY Christmas Decorations: Tips On How To Create Winter Holiday Spirit Using Regular Candles


DIY Christmas Decorations: Tips On How To Create Winter Holiday Spirit Using Regular Candles

How to make magnificent decorations for the Christmas or New Year table without spending too much time and money? You can use the candles! A lighted candle always helps set a certain mood for the evening, making everything around look a bit more romantic. So, today, we will tell you how to pick the right candles to add some magic to your Christmas night.

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Which candles to use for the table decorations?

While there are many kinds of candles, not all of them can be used as a dinner table decoration. Here are a few things you should pay special attention to when choosing a candle:

  • height and width;
  • flavor;
  • color.

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Thin and high candles are the perfect option for those who want to set them near the dishes, especially if there will be any cold dishes. And do not forget to use high candle-holders to protect the snacks from the heat.

Short and wide candles are more suitable for the table with just a few plates on it, so there is enough space between candles and dishes.

While scented candles make a great Christmas gift, they are not the best option for the dinner table. Save those for decoration your living room and window sills.

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As for the color, white is considered to be the best pick. Plus, there are lots of beautiful candles with small patterns like snowflakes, Christmas trees, or Chinese zodiac animal that resemble the upcoming year. Also, you can choose candles of the same color as your plates, napkins, or tablecloth.

And always remember about the safety rules: use candle-holders or classes to prevent hot wax from ruining your table and tablecloth; do not move the candle-holders with the lighted candles on them; keep the candles away from any highly flammable items, including paper and plastic decorations; and do not let kids play with the fire.

Craft them yourself

The best thing is that you can easily make a wonderful Christmas candle with your hands. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to create an adorable decoration in just a few minutes.

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What you will need:

  • a wide white candle;
  • a pack of cinnamon sticks;
  • a rubber band;
  • a string;
  • small Christmas decorations.

So, here is how you do it: put a rubber band on a candle, then take the cinnamon sticks and place them between the band and the candle, one by one. Next, take a string and wrap it around the candle a few times. Make a knot and add a few additional details like jingle bells or pine cones. And that’s it!

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