DIY Arm Knitting: How To Knit A Thick And Cozy Blanket


DIY Arm Knitting: How To Knit A Thick And Cozy Blanket

Oversized and chunky knits are back; they are all over Pinterest, Instagram, and the internet! You can see a variety of adorable hats, socks, and sweaters, perfect DIY projects for your home or Christmas gifts, but chunky knit blankets and throws are especially snuggly and cozy-looking to fall in love with.

The best thing is that making one for your home or to gift doesn’t require advanced skills. You can DIY it even if you are a beginner knitter or even if it is your first knitting project. It is easier than you may think!

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You will need:

  • 11-12 skeins (rolls) of chunky yarn or arm knitting wool (about 7 lbs);
  • 2 giant knitting needles or just your hands.

You can choose a more expensive option like Merino Wool Chunky or its acrylic equivalent. Acrylic means easier washability and care, and it is ideal for anyone who is or may be allergic to wool. 

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Arm knitting is fun, and it is a technique that lets you complete a project fast, in just one day or even less. This feels very rewarding and inspiring. Working with giant knitting needles is also fun and it yields fast results, so the choice is yours.

Arm knitting.

Follow these steps:

1. You will need a large table or clean floor to spread your blanket on and move around freely. Make a slipknot on your right arm, and with the tail in your left hand pull the working yarn through the loop.

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2. Keep casting the stitches by pulling a new loop through the previous one until you have the desired width of the blanket (25 stitches approximately).

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3. When you have completed the first row, even out the stitches so that they are the same size.

4. Now that you have the desired width, make another loop to start the next row.

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5. Cast new stitches with the working yarn from every stitch in the first row.

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6. Keep knitting until you have a nice size blanket or whatever length you need.

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7. To cast off, lift the first stitch of the last row over the second stitch. Now you have a double stitch. Pull the working yarn through it to cast a new stitch.

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8. Continue to the end of the row until you only have one loop left.

9. Tie a knot, cut off the working yarn and hide the tail into your finished blanket.

This is a simple way to DIY a cozy blanket that you or your loved ones will enjoy for years to come. You can certainly buy one, but using your own hands to knit it makes for a truly special gift or a very rewarding project for your home.

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