Disney's President Hall: Trump Robot Vs. Obama Robot From The Animatronic Show


Disney's President Hall: Trump Robot Vs. Obama Robot From The Animatronic Show

The United States of America has a thing for preserving its histories. Every leader, from the state to the National level, always refer to the great work the founding fathers of the nation did in bringing the nation to reality.

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About the Animatronic show

The works of George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, remain constant and can be seen in everything the United States does. They are a people who are strongly in touch with their roots, culture, beliefs and the principles that have now made them grow into becoming a world power amongst all the nations of the world.

One thing the United States is known for is the quality of its leaders. All of those who emerge as Presidents become role models for others. The quality of leadership needs to be top-notch because of the kinds of decisions the United States President has to make on behalf of the nation and other nations of the world.

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Disney has tried to capture this narrative of the United States in their museum. Through robotic technology, the speeches and mannerisms of the Presidents are captured. Recently, there was an update and the 45th President, Donald J. Trump.

Obama robot

At the inauguration of Obama as president there was a lot of attention within the United States and in other parts of the world as well. The speech given by Obama here at Disney, as represented by the robot, reflected his ideals, and his respect for the American people.

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He understood that he had a great work in front of him and together with the people, they could surmount the toughest challenge.

Trump robot

This robot spoke in the same voice as the sitting president and also communicated the truths and principles he is well known for.

The two robots were really life-like and carried strong facial and moving features of both presidents. However, while the Trump robot looked so much like him, the Obama robot had its face looking older than the President at the time.

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