Discreet Way Of Alerting: Girls Are Introduced With Spoons For Forced-Marriage Prevention


Discreet Way Of Alerting: Girls Are Introduced With Spoons For Forced-Marriage Prevention

Violence against women has different forms, all of which are absolutely intolerable. Forced marriage is one of them. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, it still exists. Even today women are forced or sold into marriage against their will.

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To prevent this from happening, in many countries a marriage without the explicit authorization of the parents and the express consent of both spouses is illegal, and marrying a minor is banned by international law. However, some people still find legal loopholes and bribe or in some way persuade parents to marry off their young daughters.

These illegal marriages can be arranged abroad and later the couple moves back to their respective country, given that the unwilling party is silenced. Say "child marriage" and the ordinary American thinks of a developing country, but child and forced marriages are happening even in the United States.

A spoon against forced marriages

An unusual campaign has been launched to help young women by introducing … a spoon.

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Yes, it may seem funny at first. How can a girl use a simple metal spoon to defend her rights and fight off an arranged marriage? First of all, it is intended neither for digging a tunnel nor for attacking the aggressor, which would undoubtedly have little to no effect. The idea is to hide it in your clothes before leaving for the airport.

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The spoon will trigger the metal detectors and security will take an unwilling bride-to-be or wife to a private room where she will be able to tell them her story. Security, in turn, will inform the corresponding authorities, which then can intervene to protect the woman’s or child’s rights.

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Young girls are told to hide a metal spoon

The campaign was originally launched in Europe, where the number of people traveling abroad for ‘wife shopping’ is increasing at an alarming rate. But today it is saving lives throughout the world.

The main idea of this campaign is to give women an effective and discreet way of alerting the authorities, either in their home country or in a foreign land, where they are brought against their will. At the same time, it seeks to raise awareness among airport security personnel about how to act in such situations.

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Even today, thousands of women throughout the world suffer from abuse or are forced into marrying a person they may not even know. But we can at least share the information about spoon and maybe it will save someone’s life.

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