Discovering New Horizons With A French 'Flying Man', A Person Who Has Conquered The Sky


Discovering New Horizons With A French 'Flying Man', A Person Who Has Conquered The Sky

Being a paraglider and not knowing Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is impossible. He is famous for doing some of the most incredible aerial stunts and specializes in flying as close to the ground as possible. He is indeed a man who has solved a mystery of flying!

???? @tristanshu /// it was amazing to be the first to fly on Corvo island… it s a really special in the world you have to visit! @adidasterrex @seatfrance @dudekparagliders @visitazores @visitportugal #corvo #azores #terrex #travel #bestplaceintheworld #paragliding

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Modern-day Icarus

Jean-Baptiste has conquered an altitude of over 4,000 meters, but there is nothing more thrilling for him than touching the ground with his hand or foot. Some of his favorite places to perform those stunts are the mountains, beaches, water surfaces, and buildings. Once, he even able touched the roof of a car, which was driving along the road in the French Alps.

One more great photo from @tristanshu during our "weightless" video shooting. Check the video in my bio. @adidasterrex @dudekparagliders @seatfrance #brazil #terrex #mach1 #flying @fubiz @natgeotravel

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Besides flying in French mountains, he reached some spots in Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, Namibia, Spain, and Morocco. Flying gives him the feeling of an immense freedom. Chandelier says, he feels like “a modern-day Icarus, almost like a human bird”, as he can see spectacular landscapes and discover the world from a completely new angle.

A great photo by @tristanshu @adidasterrex @seatfrance @dudekparagliders #oludeniz #turkey #terrex #landing #fun #action

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His latest video project, which is called “Weightless,” shows Jean-Baptist’s incredible journey all over the globe, from the Azores to the French Alps and from the coast of South Africa to the beaches of Brazil. Chandelier sees his mission in sharing his experience with everyone. He explains:

Imagine if you could be weightless in your daily life, flying from place to place, walking on water, skimming over the city and amongst crowds. I want to share this experience with everyone – the childhood dream of being Peter Pan, the ultimate feeling of freedom.

For me,paragliding is just a game, and it s better to play with some friends 🙂 . Thanks luc Pivardiere and yann Freund @adidasterrex @dudekparagliders @serrechevalier @seatfrance #livewithoutlimits #playing #flying #myhautesalpes #briancon #fun #friend #takeoff

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The moment when he touches the surface with one victorious move is simply breathtaking. Even though it might seem like he is doing it effortlessly, the paragliding discipline actually requires a lot of training and precision. Being one of the pioneers of proximity flying, his experience and skills allow him to even touch the top of a church’s spire or pick an object from the ground while flying.

Had a great flight today over my little planet Hautes Alpes. @adidasterrex @ricohthetafrance @myhautesalpes @seatfrance @dudekparagliders #terrex #theta #360 #little planet #paragliding

Публикация от Jean-Baptiste Chandelier (@jbchandelier)

Seems like the phrase “the sky’s the limit” has a very special meaning for this outstanding paraglider. Please, watch this spectacular video to see Jean-Baptiste’s unique experience of discovering new sensations.

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