Did Nicole Kidman Join A Bug-Eating Cult? Everything About Her New Food Tastes


Did Nicole Kidman Join A Bug-Eating Cult? Everything About Her New Food Tastes

Talents are everywhere. Haven’t you seen at least a few series of America’s Got A Talent? People try to impress the viewers and the judges with all possible kinds of skills. They do everything from singing and dancing to bathing in foam and making their dogs sing. With all the variety of talents people have, celebrities have decided not to lag behind and show they also have them. Nicole Kidman, for example, is perfect at eating all kinds of worms and bugs. And they not necessarily have to be fried.

Nicole Kidman shows her incredible ‘talent’ in Secret Talent Theatre

The celebrity has decided to share her incredible talent at the Secret Talen Theatre show.

She started with her micro-livestock four-course meal with live hornworms and said:


Then, she moved to the second course that included live mealworms and commented on their taste in the following way:

That is a fruity taste.

The next meal was crickets, and for Nicole, it tasted like:

Like nothing you’ve ever tasted…like a hairy nut.


Finally, for dessert, there was something fried! Grasshoppers appeared to be the most delicious meal of all, and Nicole Kidman endorsed them by saying:

These are amazing…exquisite.

Every talent has its roots

And while eating the bugs, Nicole Kidman commented that 2 billion people in the world do the same, so what’s weird about that. All in all, it wasn’t the first time the celebrity tries bugs. The first time was in Australia during the shooting of the Bush Christmas movie.

Some other bug-eaters

By the way, Nicole isn’t the only celebrity that enjoys eating bugs. Among them, there are Salma Hayek who likes eating them fried with a little guacamole. Then, there is Zac Efron who won’t say ‘no’ to a few bugs marinated in lime juice. And even the family of Brangelina have two bug eaters of their own – Maddox and Pax.

Now, you’ve seen practically everything in the world, yeah?

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