Did Meghan Break Royal Protocol Again In New Official Photos? A Body Language Expert Reveals Her Verdict


Did Meghan Break Royal Protocol Again In New Official Photos? A Body Language Expert Reveals Her Verdict

The future King of England, Prince Charles, celebrates his 70th birthday today. As the Queen’s eldest son is getting older, he moves a little bit closer to the throne. In order to mark his new milestone, the royal family released never-before-seen photos from his youth.

Charles definitely looked very handsome in his prime! Clarence House also shared another treat with royal fans: Brand new snaps of the birthday boy surrounded by his family. A body language expert carefully analyzed them and here’s what she said.

The expert’s verdict

Body language expert Judi James is the go-to person when it comes to analyzing the royal family’s photos. And when the new stunning snaps appeared, James attentively studied them and gave her professional opinion.

The two photos look quite different, although it appears they were taken within seconds of each other. The first one looks prim and proper, with the royals taking more formal poses.

James said:

Camilla might look as though she’s silently signaling her love to the world via what looks like a heart-shaped gesture with her hands, but this is in fact a steepling ritual that she has been using to calm her visual nerves since she first married Charles.

She continued:

With her three children posing in the group Kate looks supremely confident and genuinely happy here, beaming with pride as she clutches baby Louis.

However, the second photo is much more relaxed, and it appears that Meghan stands out the most in it.

It’s Meghan who breaks the formality the most in the second pose, actually leaning forward and laughing as she appears to join in the fun with the children in front of her.

The only person who stayed in the relatively same position is Prince Charles.

Charles is the only royal to have held the same pose between both shots, suggesting a sense of continuity and protocol.

Judi believes that Charles’s body language has changed as he gets closer to his new position. It looks like the royal started to mirror his late great-uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten. It can mean he intends to “do royalty the old way,” which might not be good news for younger royals.

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