Devastating! Country Singer Doug Supernaw Is Diagnosed With Stage IV Lung & Bladder Cancer


Devastating! Country Singer Doug Supernaw Is Diagnosed With Stage IV Lung & Bladder Cancer

Minor ailments are easily ignored when they come and go. Even the persistent ones don’t get much attention. Apparently, Doug Supernaw had also forgone his common distress until it became advanced. Now, he needs our prayers.

Born in 1960, he grew up with his motherб who inspired him to make music for a living. The star of the сountry genre, Doug has released four albums during his tenure. In 1993, his single I Don’t Call Him Daddy had hit the top charts.

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Supernaw gained the recent media attention following his several arrests. He was also admitted to a mental institution after offending the court with his bizarre comments. He’s got another adversity knocking at his door!

Announcing his cancer diagnosis

Currently, the 58-year-old singer’s in the hospital after his diagnosis of two chronic forms of cancer. Doug’s managing team shared the sad news in a brief statement on his Facebook page. They informed that he only sought treatment for severe cough, but the doctors discovered a "suspicious mass in his right lung."

Further tests revealed that the 90s hitmaker has both stage IV bladder and lung cancer. The medical staff is assisting Doug to choose the treatment path. The message finished with a request to fans, asking for their support to Doug’s family. 

His fans are devastated over the news

The songster’s followers are in deep sorrow after hearing about their icon’s misery. The commentators sent him prayers and wished for a miraculous recovery.

We are soliciting Doug Supernaw to have strength in fighting this morbid disease. Share this and start a chain of prayers for his healing. 

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