Demanding Duchess? Meghan Markle's Been Reportedly Given A New Nickname By The Palace Staff


Demanding Duchess? Meghan Markle's Been Reportedly Given A New Nickname By The Palace Staff

Meghan Markle has been excused from her royal duties. She is nearly 8-months pregnant, and it’s only reasonable for her to take good rest. It also means we won’t be able to get much intel on her. But some insider news has revealed her new in-house title.

The Duchess is presumably on maternity leave as her due date is quite near. Only royal staffers are interacting with her, and it seems like they’re finding it hard to deal with her. 

Meghan’s new nickname

The royal mom-to-be might have rubbed some courtiers up the wrong way. Previously, it was reported by inside sources that she had been dubbed ‘Duchess Difficult’ by her dedicated staff at Kensington Palace. As published by DailyMail UK, the May edition of Tatler reveals another unflattering nickname’s been given to the pregnant Duchess — ‘Me-Gain’.

It is believed, she has a demanding nature and relentless work ethic that has proved problematic for aides. The article compared Meghan’s plight to Sarah Ferguson, recalling how the Duchess of York was interpreted by her own staff. It reads:

Meghan has seen nothing like that – even though staff at Kensington Palace are now calling her "Me-Gain"

Another nickname of hers 

Formerly, the beautiful wife of Prince Harry earned the title of ‘Hurricane Meghan’. The insiders disclosed that she’s been fueled by great energy and wakes up at 5 AM. Then she sends 6-7 texts to the staff and runs like a tornado around the Palace. Her constant flow of ideas keeps her servers on their toes.

It’s understandable how a strong lady like Meghan functions. Her drive to bring changes may not be reciprocated, but there’s no doubt she’s been amazing so far.

Share this and wish good luck to her staff for catering her revolutionary needs.

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