David Hogg's Sister Asks Melania Trump For Help, As Her Brother Is Cyberbullied. She Gets No Response


David Hogg's Sister Asks Melania Trump For Help, As Her Brother Is Cyberbullied. She Gets No Response

You have probably heard about 17-year-old David Hogg. The Parkland survivor has become an advocate for a global gun control and organized the March for Our Lives. But apparently, not everyone is impressed by his achievements.

The teenager revealed he had been rejected by 4 University of California campuses despite his GPA of 4.2 and SAT of 1,270. He didn’t complain about it, saying that he would probably take a gap year and focus on changing the future of his country.

But little did he know that this revelation would cause much controversy on the Internet.


Laura Ingraham, a Fox News host, took to Twitter to post an article from the Daily Wire about Hogg and taunted him for whining about not getting to college. She had previously disapproved of the March for Our Lives. But attacking a student for a personal and not political issue is nothing else but cyberbullying.

Back in 2016, during her husband’s presidential campaign, Melania Trump promised she would focus on the fight against cyberbullying as First Lady. So, David’s sister appealed to the FLOTUS to take action.

Here’s the girl’s tweet

Although it was posted 5 days ago and received support from people all over the country, Trump stayed silent. Maybe, she’s not ready to help the Parkland student with cyberbullying yet?


Actually, David handled the situation himself. In response to the Fox News host, he tweeted out a list of her advertisers, urging people to contact them and boycott Ingraham’s show. Although she apologized, many companies refused to work with her anymore, including Johnson & Johnson, TripAdvisor, Hulu, and many more.

Such instances when prominent pundits go after teenagers in a personal way only prove that there should be more effective measures against cyberbullying.

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