Dan Harmon Explains How To Deal With Depression Through Social Media Post


Dan Harmon Explains How To Deal With Depression Through Social Media Post

Depression is a serious medical illness that should not be taken lightly. Many people around the world are battling with this illness, trying to win in a fight against themselves. One of those people is Dan Harmon, a creator of ‘Rick and Morty’, and it is no wonder that a girl on Twitter asked him for advice.

American writer, producer, and voice actor Dan Harmon

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Dan Harmon produced and wrote several TV shows, such as NBC’s Community and Adult Swim. However, probably, his best work is the popular animated series "Rick and Morty". Dan Harmon is the co-author alongside Justin Roiland.

In 2011, Dan discovered that he might be suffering from a certain form of Asperger syndrome. Asperger’s is a developmental disorder that affects social interaction and nonverbal communication. Furthermore, Harmon has said that he is also suffering from clinical depression, but he manages to keep it under control.

Girl asks Rick and Morty’s co-author how to cope with depression

Like so many young people today, a certain Twitter girl is trying to cope with depression in her life. Hearing that Harmon is also afflicted, she decided to take a direct approach and ask him for advice.

However, she did not expect to get a well-thought-of, experienced answer. The question was simple: "do you have advice for dealing with depression?" However, the answer was breathtaking.  

Dan Harmon’s advice

Dan used both simplicity and real honesty to describe his own fight. A glimmer of hope, a touch of sincerity, Dan’s reply seemed more like a promise that things will get better if you try. To even reply to such a serious question is one thing, but to give such a heartfelt answer is something truly miraculous.

Many have been touched by Dan’s words. The list of people thanking Dan Harmon and this brave girl on Twitter doesn’t seem to end. Stay strong, whoever you are, there is still much light and beauty for you to see in this world.

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