D.I.Hughley Says Melania Trump Viciously Booed By Students Deserved It Because Of Her "Coward" Husband


D.I.Hughley Says Melania Trump Viciously Booed By Students Deserved It Because Of Her "Coward" Husband

The First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday defended the rights of teenagers who booed her when she addressed them in Baltimore.

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Her appearance was related to her “Be Best” initiative that focuses on three main pillars. Opioid use is one of them. MelaniaTrump spoke for about five minutes but her speech was overshadowed by more boos and noise from those in attendance.

“I’m in this fight for you, and I’m fighting for you,”

– Mrs. Trump told the middle and high school students.

“If you are struggling with addiction right now, reach out for support.”

As she left the stage, the First Lady was booed again. Even despite such an unpleasant welcome Melania Trump thanked the students for attending and commended them for their bravery.

The reason for this situation might be not only Donald Trump’s political views and the fact that he called the city of Baltimore a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” and questioned why anybody would want to live there.

Interestingly, comedian D.L. Hughley said during his interview with TMZ that news about Melania Trump didn’t surprise him as he believes she firmly deserved those boos. Because the president attacked the city, it was a justified way of fighting back against the president.

Moreover, Hughley added that the event proves Donald Trump is a "coward for sending your women into a hornets’ nest” instead of showing up himself.

People’s reaction

People, however, divided in their opinions with some supporting the First Lady and others thinking she "deserved" to be unfriendlily welcomed.

"There’s nothing cowardly about the President! And anyone who follows what the First Lady does would applaud her for all that she has done!"

" I agree you are a product of your environment and the people you choose to be around so therefore she deserves to be boo’s become she shares his views"

" She doesn’t deserve anything, whether you like President Donald Trump or not, there is still something call respect for other human beings. All the people booing are part of the problem today in society"

Regardless of our political views, it’s important to be tolerant and polite to each other. Remember that we all have feelings and the First Lady isn’t an exception.

Be kind and try to make the world a better place to live in!

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