Country Singer And Happy Mother, Jana Kramer, Opens Up About Her Miscarriage In A Heartbreaking Post


Country Singer And Happy Mother, Jana Kramer, Opens Up About Her Miscarriage In A Heartbreaking Post



A talented actress and country singer, Jana Kramer, is a happy mother and loving wife. When people look at their wonderful family, they even can’t imagine what tragic circumstances Jana and her husband had to go through. In her recent heartbreaking post, Kramer shares her very personal story. The country star suffered a miscarriage, and not for the first time.

Jana Kramer shares her story

Jana Kramer is best known for her role in the popular teen series One Tree Hill. Kramer is a talented country singer – her self-titled album released in 2012, hold leading positions on all US country charts. Despite her success in career, Jana’s personal life is not so simple. The star survived two divorces and betrayal of her recent husband, Michael Caussin.

Допис, поширений Jana Kramer (@kramergirl)

Kramer doesn’t like to talk about that period of her life. She coped with her offense and managed to find strength to forgive her husband. It was not a simple decision for the star, but she did so for her wonderful 22-month-old daughter, Jolie Rae. Jana said she wants her little angel to grow up in a full family with loving mom and dad.

Допис, поширений Jana Kramer (@kramergirl)

But her husband’s betrayal is not the hardest thing Jana had to go through. In her recent Instagram post, the singer shares a heartbreaking story about her miscarriage. She posted a picture of herself holding an ultrasound photo and signed it:

I don’t want I’m sorry or sympathy. I just don’t want to feel alone.

Допис, поширений Jana Kramer (@kramergirl)

In her emotional post, Kramer reveals that she survived two miscarriages and she knows exactly how hard it is for any woman to lose her unborn baby. Jana made this decision to share her story because she hopes it can help other women who suffer the same grief. She hopes her ‘miscarriage support’ will make women believe they are not alone because there could be nothing worse than a silent struggle. Jana wrote:

You don’t need to feel alone and maybe that’s me talking to myself but if you need a place to share, I’m here for you…and all of us are.

Допис, поширений Jana Kramer (@kramergirl)

Допис, поширений Jana Kramer (@kramergirl)

Jana Kramer says she praises God every day for her beautiful little daughter, Jolie Rae. Her little angel brings her new hope and gives strength to cope with all life difficulties.

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