Congrats! Doris Day Will Turn 97 In April, And She's Planning To Celebrate Her B-Day In A Special Way


Congrats! Doris Day Will Turn 97 In April, And She's Planning To Celebrate Her B-Day In A Special Way

Since her retirement from acting in the ’80s, Hollywood legend Doris Day has lived a quiet and simple life away from the spotlight, but fans still love her films and music and remember her.

On April 3, the star will celebrate her 97th birthday, and her plans for the big day are now known!

How Doris Day is planning to celebrate her birthday

Doris is planning to have a small, quiet celebration with a small group of her nearest and dearest at her home in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Her rep told People about the upcoming birthday party:

Doris will be spending a quiet birthday at home again this year surrounded by a few close friends.

She always gets lots of phone calls wishing her happy birthday. And, in the evening, she’ll enjoy a special birthday dinner followed by cake and ice cream.

Doris will also use the occasion as an opportunity to promote her favorite cause: animal welfare. Ahead of her birthday, a few fundraising events are planned to raise money for the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

These include a screening of Pillow Talk, a timeless film starring Doris and Rock Hudson, a Q&A session with Rich Little and Peter Marshall, a performance by pianist Michael Feinstein, and an auction featuring Tony Bennett’s paintings, according to People.

In her statement to the magazine, Doris expressed excitement about all the events planned “to help the precious four-leggers.”

For her, age is just a number

For Doris, age really is just a number, as she didn’t know her real age until 2017!

A copy of her birth certificate surfaced and revealed that she’s two years older than she had thought. Here’s what Doris said in a statement at the time:

I’ve always said that age is just a number. I have never paid much attention to birthdays, but it’s great to finally know how old I really am!

Oh, Doris, never change!

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