Christmas Topiary: Creative DIY Ideas For Making Beautiful Trees


Christmas Topiary: Creative DIY Ideas For Making Beautiful Trees

Topiary is also called "the European Tree" and "the Tree of Happiness." It’s a common decoration of the interior in European floristry. A very nice idea for those people who don’t like room plants. It’s a very original composition that would always be noticed by your guests. Brightness and originality are achieved not only through shape (the shape of the circle itself is very interesting) but also through the use of many combinations of colors and the use of different materials.

Actually, topiary is not a miniature copy of any particular tree. It’s a purely decorative thing. Therefore, it completely depends on the creator’s imagination. The shapes of the cone and the sphere are most popular. You can use various materials as a basis. Someone is comfortable working with a floristic sponge, or styrofoam.

Different feathers, pebbles and shells, nuts, and dried flowers would be excellent adding as a krone decoration. Artificial hay, ribbons, beads, decorative butterflies, and birds will do as well.

Topiary can be done for any interior. Depending on the size and appearance of the tree, you can install it directly on the floor, shelves, next to the fireplace, on a coffee table.

Here are some tutorials on how to make the topiary by yourself. You can involve your friends and family and create an amazing holiday topiary in addition to your Christmas tree. Anyway, it might be fun!

 Tube flowers topiary

 Ribbon topiary

Feel free to try any of these handmade masterpieces. Happy holidays!

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