Chrissy Tiegen Tackles Shamers After Posting Pictures With Her Husband John Legend


Chrissy Tiegen Tackles Shamers After Posting Pictures With Her Husband John Legend



This week, author, model, and a new mom Chrissy Tiegen shared a couple of pictures of herself and husband John Legend on a boat trip. The duo was dressed up in crew uniforms, with singer Legend claiming to be the Captain.

Apparently, the couple was pretending to be members of cast from “Below Deck”. The American reality TV show follows the lives of crew members on a mega-yacht during charter season. Their everyday lives, struggles with relationships and careers form the main content for the show.

So, in case you were wondering about Legend and Tiegen, they are not considering switching jobs anytime soon. But Tiegen did come under fire for doing her job as a mother. Critics have shamed her for baring her chest in the video.

But a feisty Tiegen has no apologies to offer. In her responses, she called out critics for trying to shame her, especially as they know she is a nursing mother.

As always, Tiegen fans have been quite supportive, some even giving her the thumbs up for prioritizing breastfeeding her baby even while she is having fun. Clearly, Tiegen did not think much about getting more covered up, nor did she expect it would cause such a stir.

Tiegen is just one of many celebrity mothers who have come under fire in recent times for breastfeeding their babies in public or appearing at work soon after delivery. While it is a sad development, it is still comforting that there are fans who still sympathize with them. Go, Chrissy!

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