Children Explode With Joy When Found Out Their Classmate Goes To Harvard


Children Explode With Joy When Found Out Their Classmate Goes To Harvard

Just imagine that kind of feeling when your biggest dream comes true. 16-year-old boy from Louisiana, Ayrton Little has just had that great moment. Ayrton found out he’s been accepted to Harvard, and his joyful reaction literally hit the whole class.

Ayrton’s story

Ayrton Little was sitting in the classroom at his private college when he received a great news about his early admission to Harvard University. Ayrton jumped from joy screaming: “I can’t believe I got in!”

His classmates exploded with joy too and began congratulating Ayrton with his milestone achievement. This is a kind of support everybody wants for such significant occasion.

16-year-old college student confessed he’s been dreaming about Harvard since his childhood. He likes studying, and he even skipped one level at his college for his excellent academic performance. Ayrton explains this success by his desire to help his mother when he grows up:

I’ve also been working hard in school all my life, just so I’d be able to make sure I could take care of my mother.

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In fact, Ayrton is not the only clever kid in this family. His older brother, Alex, was accepted to Stanford and found out that news just a couple of days before Ayrton. Their mother is really proud of raising two great sons.

Little said he plans to study math and computer science in Harvard, and after graduation, he dreams to work on Wall Street.

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All the hard work has paid off, and it’s an incredible feeling. Ayrton’s dream became true, and we also congratulate the smart guy on this outstanding achievement.

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