Chelsea Star Victor Moses Was 11 When His Parents Were Murdered, But Fate Had Big Plans For Him


Chelsea Star Victor Moses Was 11 When His Parents Were Murdered, But Fate Had Big Plans For Him



Nigerian football player and Chelsea winger Victor Moses was unable to contain his delight in 2012 when his transfer from Wigwam Athletic was completed. The then 21-year-old was well on his way to superstardom, joining the league of players to grace the pitch of Stamford Bridge.


But his story was not an overnight success, and the £9 million was the result of years of hard work and his desire to reach the very top of the game. In spite of his achievements, one other incident remains memorable and fuels his passion for life and the sport.

When he was just 11, Moses lost both his parents. His father Austin was a Christian pastor in Kaduna, a state in Nigeria that had been rocked with religious unrest for several years. In 2002, riots erupted between the Muslim majority and the Christian minority. Muslim rioters attacked Moses’ parents in their home and killed them.


Moses was out in the streets playing football when the incident occurred. Thankfully, he got word of the tragedy, and some friends of his managed to hide him in their house while the riots went on. Eventually, Moses was shipped off to England. There, he was placed with foster parents in London.

It has been a long journey [from Nigeria], and I just want to keep strong and work hard for myself, whether it’s football or not football.

Moses hardly speaks about his life in Nigeria, but he holds on to the memory of his parents and believes that they would be happy with his accomplishments if they were still alive.

Definitely, wherever they are at the moment, they should be proud of me, looking down being proud.

In spite of this tragedy, Moses remains optimistic about life and continues to follow his dreams. From playing football in the streets of Kaduna to leading the Whitgift under-14 team to the FA Youth Cup in 2005, Moses proved he is a force to be reckoned with.

He made his debut with Crystal Palace at the age of 16 and eventually won the Golden Boot at the European Under-17 Championship in 2007.


Between 2013 and 2016, Moses was on loan to Liverpool, Stoke City, and West Ham United before his eventual return to Chelsea in 2016. He had his awkward moments when he played against Chelsea during the period he was away, but still remains an invaluable member of the team.


Since 2012, he has made seven appearances with the Nigerian national team, the Super Eagles. He is currently playing at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

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