Celine Dion Says 'Au Revoir, Paris' As She Dons An All-Black Outfit Beaming French Vibes


Celine Dion Says 'Au Revoir, Paris' As She Dons An All-Black Outfit Beaming French Vibes

Celine Dion attended Paris Fashion Week a while ago, flaunting in different ravishing attires that embraced her figure perfectly. It seems like the singer lives her best life, visiting different social events and nailing beautiful dresses every now and again. 

However, the Canadian star was slammed for her ‘too skeleton appearance’, as if it’s anyone’s business how she looks and what she eats. Obviously, Celine Dion responded to curious people by saying that she feels more confident and hotter than before. 

Au revoir, Paris

Celine Dion is seemingly enchanted by Parisian vibes as she donned a knitted long sweater, French-style hat (or should we say policeman one? Okay, kidding), fashionable heels, and pantyhose with rhinestones, which probably cost more than our apartments. 

But let us remember our one of favorite outfits, and we aren’t even guilty if someone doesn’t share the same opinion. Just look at this satin emerald blouse, satin coffee-cream midi-skirt, and – oh, these burgundy heeled boots!

And what is your opinion about Celine Dion’s recent appearances? Do you feel these strong French vibes?

So, is he a bf or who?

It seems like the entire globe was jumping all over Dion to find out who is this mysterious guy. As the singer attended the Fashion Week with a professional dancer, Pepe Munoz, a bunch of people got augury like he was her beau. 

However, Celine decided to shut everybody down and answered, "We’re friends, we’re best friends…I am single, please, leave me alone, thanks."

So, sorry to everyone who wanted the mother-of-three to date someone. Anyhow, we still hope that Celine Dion will catch a moment of finding Mr. Right down the line. 

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