Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Tired Of Being Humble: "I Won’t Apologize For My Money, Fame Or Good Looks"


Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Tired Of Being Humble: "I Won’t Apologize For My Money, Fame Or Good Looks"

Catherine Zeta-Jones wasn’t always self-assured. A few years ago, the screen beauty even had to admit that she had checked into a mental clinic, as she was struggling with bipolar disorder. Besides, her husband got cancer (he’s all-clear these days!), and her stepson got sent to prison, so it’s no wonder the actress was depressed.

But now, Catherine says she’s happy, rich, beautiful, and she doesn’t feel sorry for it.


In one of the recent interviews, the 48-year-old said she was sick and tired of being humble and modest. She came from a working-class family but managed to amass a multi-million fortune due to her successful acting career and hard work.

And the Welsh star doesn’t want to apologize for money, fame, Oscar-winning talent, and good looks. As Catherine said to the Daily Mirror:

I’m sick of being humble. I really am. ‘So sorry I’m rich, so sorry I’m married to a movie star, so sorry I’m not so bad looking.’ No sorrys. Enough. All that is important to me now is my work.

The actress thinks her life is a joy because she has a healthy husband and two beautiful children, and she’s not going to humble for that either. And the proud mom certainly shows no modesty when it comes to her kids.

Zeta-Jones hopes her 17-year-old son Dylan and 15-year-old daughter Carys will follow in their parents’ footsteps and become actors. After all, Douglas acting dynasty was established a long time ago by legendary Kirk Douglas (who’s 101 now, by the way).

Catherine believes her children want to become actors not because of fame all money, as they were raised around famous people. Instead, they just love it, which makes Zeta-Jones extremely proud.

They understand that this is not a quick fix. They’re so good. I can’t wait for you all to see which way they’re going to go because they’re going to go somewhere, I’m telling you.

As for her husband Michael, the two look as much in love with each other as they were when they tied the knot almost 2 decades ago. A happy family, indeed!

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