Cary Grant's Widow, Barbara Harris, 'Secretly Dated' His Best Friend Billionaire After His Sudden Death


Cary Grant's Widow, Barbara Harris, 'Secretly Dated' His Best Friend Billionaire After His Sudden Death

Cary Grant was married five times. His latest wife, Barbara Harris, who was 47 years his junior, spent with him half of a decade until he left the world.

Cary Grant’s wives were Amerian actress Virginia Cherrill, American socialite Barbara Hutton, French-born American actress, and writer Betsy Drake, American screenwriter and producer Dyan Cannon, and his final wife, who is a British hotel public relations agent.

Cary Grant & Barbara Harris

Cary Grant’s wife, Barbara Harris, became a widow after the actor passed away at the age of 82. His best friend, Kirk Kerkorian, stayed close to the grieving woman, trying to offer his help and support.

According to Daily Mail, gossip columnist Liz Smith once reported that the two might have gotten married. Barbara Harris and Kirk Kerkorian were rumored to be living together after Cary’s death in Beverly Hills. They were allegedly seeking a villa in the south of France at the time.

Their relationship was never officially confirmed, but Barbara also had to say farewell to Kirk in 2015 when he died at 98 years old.

Cary Grant & Barbara Harris

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Indiscreet star left an enormous part of his estate to Barbara Harris and his only child Jennifer from Dyan Cannon as a part of his will.

The documents noted that his four-acre Beverly Hills estate and its contents would be in his latest wife’s belonging. She also received half of the remainder of his personal estate.The other half was in trust for his daughter — Jennifer Grant had received the income from it until she was 30. The remainder was turned over to her when she reached 35.

Cary Grant’s marriages

The Blonde Venus actor was destroying his marriages and had multiple love affairs. Grant evidently had struggles with family life, as it was hard for him to keep it up.

Cary’s fourth wife and the mother of his only daughter, Dyan Cannon, released a memoir titled Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant in 2011. She loved him, but as they grew together, she noticed his dark side; namely, he “hosted” negative emotions deeply in his soul.

Cannon also wrote that the English-born American actor found every next marriage more and more twisted. Cary Grant admitted he had had a lot of trust issues and a fear of losing someone. Basically, it was “a cycle of fear and insecurities” that the dad-of-one couldn’t take control of.

Cary Grant’s success was admittedly incredible. However, as it often happens, the actor suffered from many personal demons deep within, which affected his romantic and family life.

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