Carson Daly’s Wife Opened Up About Her Husband’s Desire To Have More Kids


Carson Daly’s Wife Opened Up About Her Husband’s Desire To Have More Kids

Carson Daly and Siri Pinter tied the knot the night before Christmas Eve, and they managed to pull off a true surprise wedding!

Very few people knew about their plans, including the couple’s parents. Carson joked that it was not the Christmas present he expected to get:

I wanted a hoverboard; I got a wife.

The Today Show co-host and the food blogger have been together for 10 years. Daly conceded he and his wife are glad they waited to make their relationship official, because they wanted to make their children understand what was happening.

Carson and Siri share three adorable kids together: 9-year-old son Jackson, 5-year-old daughter Etta, and 3-year-old daughter London. But it looks like it’s not enough for Carson. Recently, Siri revealed that her husband wants more! She said:

I think Carson would want, like, five more if he could.


But the 37-year-old is not sure; however, she admitted:

I guess [you should] never say never.

Now, with 3 kids, the couple already struggles to find time for themselves. But when they do have date-nights, they follow one simple rule: don’t talk about kids!

Siri shares that when they are together, they try to focus on different things.

Carson grew up with strong family values. After losing both of his parents, the Voice host opened up how much they meant to him:

We were so blessed to have them both. They were incredible. I realize the more pain that I feel losing my parents is testament to how much of an impact they made in my life, and they clearly equipped me with the tools to be able to handle it. That’s because they were incredible parents, and I hope to pass that down.

Richard Caruso, whom Daly called "Pops", was 85 years old when he passed away, which happened just five weeks after his wife, Daly’s mother, Pattie Daly Caruso, died at the age of 73.

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