Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Wants To See Prince Charles As A Head Of The Commonwealth


Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Wants To See Prince Charles As A Head Of The Commonwealth

In April of 2018, the 53 heads of government will be held in London for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). This will be the last time when Queen Elizabeth II will be presiding as the head of the organization.


Issues to be discussed at the meeting include plans to institute a new head of the organization. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, has been eyed as a likely successor to Her Majesty.

Duchess Camilla gunning for the Prince

Camilla Parker Bowles is strongly in support of Prince Charles filling Queen Elizabeth II’s shoes in the Commonwealth. However, the position is not hereditary as the crown of Britain is. A decision will be made by the heads of government.


It is reported that the Duchess of Cornwall is doing all she possibly can to help Prince Charles assume the position.


King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II are the only two British monarchs who ever held the title, Head of the Commonwealth.

Truncated Australia trip

The Duchess of Cornwall this week opted out of a state visit to Australia with Prince Charles. Her reason is her fear of flying. She will be traveling to Brisbane with Prince Charles. However, she will leave after three days. By so doing, she will avoid several flights between Vanuatu, Cairns, Gove, and Darwin scheduled for the trip.


In the meantime, there are still concerns about the Duchess of Cornwall becoming a queen when Prince Charles assumes the throne. While many observers expect some pushback from Princes William and Harry, others feel that duchess deserves the position.

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