Bryan Hodgson Walked Barefoot After Donating His Shoes To A Homeless Man


Bryan Hodgson Walked Barefoot After Donating His Shoes To A Homeless Man



Have you ever been asked to take off your shoes when going through a security checkpoint? Well, this man went to the airport without shoes. And the reason behind his actions touched the hearts of many.

Bryan Hodgson is the assistant men’s basketball coach at the University of Buffalo in New York State. He was on his way to the international airport in San Francisco but stopped at Starbucks for a cup of coffee before the flight.

A man with no shoes was in front of Bryan waiting in line at the cafe, and from his appearance, it was apparent that he was homeless. He had enough money to buy a banana and something to drink. When he walked away from the cashier, he spilled a little of his drink on the floor. He immediately went to get some napkins to clean it up. "I don’t want anyone to step in it," the homeless man said.

A shoeless man is worried that someone with shoes on might step in the spill, thought Bryan.

He approached the homeless man and asked him if he had any shoes, to which the man said,

Man, they stole them from me last night, but you know what? I’m not going to complain. That is the life of a homeless man.

In spite of the fact that Bryan was rushing to get to the airport, he couldn’t simply leave the man. He asked the man what shoe size he wears, and he said, "Eleven." Bryan wears a size 14.

I took off my shoes and gave them to him. The homeless man didn’t even care what size they were. It literally brought him to tears.

The man followed Bryan to his car and asked several times if he was sure he wanted to give him his shoes. But Bryan had two more pairs in his luggage.

I didn’t do it for a pat on the back. It’s just that there are good people who are in need. Everyone has their own story.

Bryan attracted a lot of attention while he was walking around with no shoes. Afterwards, he posted on his Facebook page: "I hope that my story will inspire someone else to do something kind for another person."

Sometimes even the most insignificant things can make someone’s life better. Perhaps this story will inspire you to do a kind deed.

Source: Bryan Hodgson / Facebook

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