British Actor Peter Wyngarde Has Passed Away At 90. He Left Behind A Plethora Of Memorable Roles


British Actor Peter Wyngarde Has Passed Away At 90. He Left Behind A Plethora Of Memorable Roles

Peter Wyngarde has passed away on January 15, at 90.

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Peter Wyngarde dies aged 90

In an interview for Variety magazine, Peter’s agent Thomas Bowington informed the public about the recent passing of the beloved actor. Bowington added that the actor died peacefully in his sleep at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in West London. 

Unfortunately, Wyngard has not been feeling well for months, but the exact illness that took the life of the actor is still unknown. Even though Peter Wyngard had no surviving family, his memorable roles will be remembered by his fans.

Who was Peter Wyngarde?

Wyngarde is best known for his role of Jason King in two television series Department S  and Jason King. The role of a novelist who becomes a detective was simply perfect for Peter. His stylish performance made him a huge hit in the 70s. Although it seems unbelievable, he signed the contract for Department S on a piece of napkin, but his acting made the character unforgettable.

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His fashion sense along with his incredible charm designated him as one of the top British icons at the time. His popularity brought him more roles such as Klytus in Flash Gordon. Also, Dr. Who fans probably remember him as Timanov in in the four-episode-story Planet of Fire. 

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After a few minor performances in the 90s, Peter’s career slowly faded away. The years caught up with him, and besides some voice acting, he retired from the industry.

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Last farewell to a great actor

Upon hearing of the death of Peter Wyngarde, fans and film lovers alike sent out numerous tweets expressing their gratitude for having the privilege to witness the great performances of the late actor. Peter is gone, but he is not forgotten.

Goodbye, you charming man! Rest in peace knowing that the light of your performances will continue to shine on many generations that are yet to come.

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