Bride Became 4th Woman In The Family To Wear The Same Wedding Dress Her Great-Grandma Sew By Hand Many Years Ago


Bride Became 4th Woman In The Family To Wear The Same Wedding Dress Her Great-Grandma Sew By Hand Many Years Ago

Four generations of women in one family walked down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown, which was made by hand in 1932.

27-year-old Pilar O’Hara Kassouf who recently got married in the dress said she knew, as soon as she tried it on, that it was what she wanted to wear for her special day.

Speaking to ABC, she said, "I couldn’t look anywhere else after that. It fit perfectly and didn’t need any alterations.”

Pilar’s great-grandmother, Maria Teresa Moreno, arrived in the United States from Mexico as a young woman many years ago. She learned how to sew, and she was inspired to make her own dress for her wedding to Manuel in 1932.

Pilar’s mother, Marta Prietto O’Hara, described Maria (who they refer to as ‘Grande’) as a very hardworking woman.

Marta, who got married in 1983, got married in her grandmother’s wedding gown. She said she also fell in love with the satin fabric dress as soon as she wore it.

Marta’s mother also wore the same dress. She and her grandmother cut a ‘V’ in the back and added a lace trim and beading around the neckline to give it a unique look.

In addition to the wedding dress that the women wore, ‘Grande’ Maria also made wedding gowns for nearly all the women in the family before she passed away in 2008 at the age of 98. Pilar said:

I just know she’s looking down on this and beaming, probably laughing a little bit too that we’re getting all this attention.

There certainly is something to be said for a beautiful wedding dress that has been passed down through generations. A woman named Jordan Delgado recently made the news when she walked down the aisle in the same wedding dress her mother and grandmother wore for their big day. 

Jordan chose to do this in the hopes of enjoying the wedding bliss both women seem to have, as they have both been married for a combined total of 100 years. The grandmother shared this sentiment. She told ABC, "I hope they have as many happy years of marriage as my husband and I have."

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A wedding dress truly is a significant aspect of a woman’s big day. A lot of thought goes into its style, color, design, and so on. So, why not make it all the more special by choosing one that honors a family tradition?

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