Breaking News! Foremost British Comedian Jim Bowen Dies At 80


Breaking News! Foremost British Comedian Jim Bowen Dies At 80

British comedian Jim Bowen has passed on. The long-time host of the ITV game show Bullseye died aged 80 on March 14, 2018. His wife Phyllis confirmed the news.

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Bowen’s long-running career

He was born Peter Williams and took on the name Bowen professionally. He started off as a deputy headmaster in North Lancashire before he began a career as a stand-up comedian in the 1960s.

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It was the game show, Bullseye, that made him a household name. He stared presenting it in 1981 and famously said that he was the fifth choice to host the Sunday tea time show.

He ended up being a perfect fit, and the show ran for 14 years until it was cancelled. He, however, continued to work for radio stations and do stand-up tours.

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He resigned from the live morning magazine program he hosted on Radio Lancashire after making a racist remark on air.

Series of strokes

Bowen suffered a series of strokes before his death on Wednesday. They incapacitated him and made performing difficult. Phyllis was by his bedside when he died.

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Friend of the family, John Pleus, said the moment was peaceful: 

He passed away very peacefully, she was with him. We are all shedding a tear.

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In 2011, after Bowen suffered two strokes, he said the experience had taught him to appreciate all the things in life.


The official Twitter page of the popular game show announced his death and thanked the comedian for his work:

In his tribute, fellow comedian and Radio Lancashire presenter Ted Robbins said Bowen had lived as a generous and kind man.

Bowen was known for a number of catchphrases including "Super, smashing, great", "You can’t beat a bit of Bully!" and "Let’s look at what you could have won". His legacy lives on and he will be greatly missed.

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