Breaking News: 3 Shot And 1 Injured At YouTube HQ In California. The Attacker Revealed To Be A Woman Who Killed Herself


Breaking News: 3 Shot And 1 Injured At YouTube HQ In California. The Attacker Revealed To Be A Woman Who Killed Herself

Yet another incident of gun violence has been reported in the U.S. A woman showed up at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, and opened fire on workers in the building.

Quick response from the police

The gunfire lasted for about 30 seconds, and the San Bruno police confirmed via their Twitter  that they were dealing with an active shooter.

Law enforcement sources told the Associated Press that the shooting is being investigated as a domestic dispute.

Investigators also confirmed that there no available evidence points to the fact that this was a possible terrorist attack.

Suspect shot 3 people before killing herself

According to eye witness accounts, the suspect shot at her boyfriend before she killed herself, but the police stayed away from confirming the identities of the victims involved. They did not confirm any motivation for the shooting as well.

The shooter injured 3 people before she killed herself. Three of her four victims sustained gunshot injuries, while the fourth person was left with an ankle injury in an attempt to escape the building. Her victims are in serious to critical condition, with one of them in fair condition.

The identity of the attacker was confirmed to be one Ms. Aghdam who had at least one video evidence on social media in which she had criticized YouTube.

The New York Times reports that the FBI study released in 2014 showed that women were least likely to be mass shooting suspects. They were responsible for only 6 of the 160 mass shootings that happened between 2000 and 2013 in the U.S.

President, Silicon Valley, others react

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, in her message on Twitter expressed her shock at the shooting and empathized with the victims and their families.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has also sent a message of support to the tech company as well as the victims. He praised the diligence of law enforcement officials.

In addition to a swell of reactions on social media, other tech companies sent their support and took responsibility for the possible misinformation shared on their platforms.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, said the platform was doing everything within its power to track misinformation and learn from the incident.

We sincerely hope the tech giants recovers fast from this tragic event. Our thoughts are with YouTube and the victims.

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