Brave Man In Millbrook, Ontario Risks Electrocution To Save Calf After Hearing It's Mama Crying For Help


Brave Man In Millbrook, Ontario Risks Electrocution To Save Calf After Hearing It's Mama Crying For Help

When Dave stopped by a brook in Millbrook, Ontario to film some grazing cows, he had no idea that Providence had sent him there to help. Dave noticed cow named Flo that seemed distressed. She was pawing at the ground and tossing her head toward the electric fence.

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Coming closer, he noticed that a calf was stuck underneath the fence and unable to get out. Dave immediately set his camera down and tried to free the calf while its mother ‘cried’ out by the side. It was not easy as the fence had electricity running through it. Surprisingly, the calf was also trying to get out, despite the electric shocks. Eventually, the wires got loose enough to allow the calf to slip out.

It turns out the cow had just given birth at the brook and her owners did not know. The farmer and his wife invited Dave to join them as they tended to the newborn calf. Despite the trauma it experienced, the calf was healthy and unharmed by the fence.


The story of Dave’s amazing rescue went viral and many observers are amazed that the cow was intelligent enough to call for help. Despite being unable to speak, animals still find ways to show concern and emotion to each other and even to humans. In this case, Flo’s agitation was all the motivation Dave needed to step in and help.

After the incident, the calf even came over to Dave and gave him a friendly sniff, as if thanking him for the assist before wandering off to join the rest of the herd.

Rumble Viral / YouTube

But Dave was not done as this month, he flew his 4k drone over the farm, hoping to capture more beautiful footage of the grazing animals.

This time he discovered a cow named Linda that had porcupine quills stuck in her snout, most likely after she got too close to one of the creatures. He alerted the grateful farmer who attended to the cow, subduing her with an anesthetic and then removing the quills.


Linda made a full recovery and we are sure the cows in the Millbrook farm are quite happy they have their very own guardian angel hovering above or watching from beyond the fence.

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