Brain Teaser: Did The Artist Make A Mistake?


Brain Teaser: Did The Artist Make A Mistake?

If you plunge into nostalgia and recall the times when the house was full of newspapers, you will immediately remember the ‘children’s page’ with puzzles and riddles, such as find the differences, get out of the labyrinth, match the objects with their owners, and many other tasks like that. And although the page was designed for children, those tasks were actually useful for adults as well. As soon as we let our brain relax for even a day, later we find it difficult to pull ourselves together and start working again.

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It’s not worth overloading yourself with daily heavy tasks, but organizing a 5-minute brain training is an excellent habit that many people lack. Today, we suggest solving this attention task. You need to take a look at the picture and then at the shadows to find out where the artist made a mistake. You can also track your time to assess your productivity in the right way. Don’t rush to scroll down and see the correct answer before you manage to think of one.

This is your last chance to decide on the right answer.

A little more.

Are you sure you guessed it right?

Brace yourself! Here is the right answer:

If you managed to solve it quickly (within 1-2 minutes), that’s an excellent result. If you had to spend more time, you can still be proud of yourself. In case you didn’t manage to find the right answer, there’s no need to get angry as it only means that now, you know what to pay attention to and how to train yourself.

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