Bette Midler Says Her Marriage Was Saved For The Daughter's Sake


Bette Midler Says Her Marriage Was Saved For The Daughter's Sake

Bette Midler has been together with her husband for more than 30 years. Now, the singer and actress boasts about her long relationship with Martin von Haselberg, stating that their marriage is the oldest in Hollywood. But this does not mean that they have always been happy.

What is Bette famous for?

Bette Midler is really a person of many talents. She had always wanted to become a singer, but her father disapproved that choice. That is why in 1965, a 20-year-old girl fled to New York to fulfill her dream.

A year later, Midler debuted on Broadway. She met Barry Manilow who became her producer and helped release her debut album. The Divine Miss M brought her the prestigious Grammy award. Midler’s second album also proved successful. She sold a million copies in the United States. And what is more, Bette also played in a variety of comedies.


Relationship struggles

In 1984, the singer married to Martin von Haselberg, and the two are still happy together. But a couple of years ago, Bette revealed that she and her husband once went through a difficult patch during their marriage.

The singer confessed that they fought bitterly but decided to stay together for the sake of Sophie, their daughter. They wanted to bring up their child together and did not want to harm her. Luckily, it really got better, and they managed to save their relationship.

Looking back at this unpleasant moment of their life, the two are happy they did not give up. Now, Bette honestly says that she is proud of her relationship, and she is not afraid to show feelings for her husband.

He really is the wind under my wings, he has been courting me for many, many years, he has sacrificed a lot.

We hope that Bette and Martin will have more years of happy marriage! Their story teaches us not to give up and try to make the relationship last.

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