Bella Hadid's Mother Shares Her Daughter's Fight With Anxiety


Bella Hadid's Mother Shares Her Daughter's Fight With Anxiety

The famous US fashion model, a 21-year-old Bella Hadid turned out to have an anxiety. This information was provided by her mother, Yolanda Hadid, in her recent interview.

The woman revealed that her daughter suffers from anxiety and goes through some hard time. According to her words, sometimes it seems to Bella that she is too skinny, and sometimes she keeps complaining about having a couple of extra pounds.

All girls experience this at some point in their life, and it is important to know how to deal with this feeling.



What’s my favorite color?

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Together with her sister Gigi Hadid, Bella participates in her mother’s Lifetime reality series. The both give recommendations to contestants and share their professional experiences. For example, Gigi took contestants to the photo shoot for Tommy Hilfiger and showed how to make the best pose.

Bella, on the other hand, worked with girls who felt insecure and blocked themselves from the outer world. Bella told them that she clearly understands their feeling and knows how to help. Her message was the following:

You know, I feel insecure too, but I’ve learned to push through it and just go for it.

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Bella Hadid is reported to have some troubles with her best friend, Kendall Jenner. And the reason is Jordan Clarkson, with whom Bella is said to be dating. Bella and Kendall are best friends for quite a long time and know each other from high school.


Bella Hadid shows that no matter what the reason for anxiety is, the most important is to learn how to deal with it and make some conclusions


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