Barack Obama Talks On How The Upcoming Presidential Center May Benefit Chicago


Barack Obama Talks On How The Upcoming Presidential Center May Benefit Chicago

Obama Foundation recently posted a short video message from the 44th President of the U.S. In the video, the politician shares his plans on building a large Presidential Center in the middle of Jackson Park on the South Side of Chicago.


More than just a museum

According to the plan, the upcoming center will include several parts: a museum, library, athletic center, plaza, and forum building. There will also be a sledding hill and a few spots where people can read in silence and rest.

From the very beginning, @BarackObama and I knew the Obama Presidential Center had to be on the South Side. It’s where we met and where our girls were born. It’s home. We’ve been designing the Center as a place that inspires young people and gives them the tools they need to find their voices, then go out and change the world. It will be a place to learn, connect, and have some fun. The South Side will finally have a sledding hill, a vegetable garden like the one we had at the White House, and other attractions for Chicagoans and visitors from around the world to enjoy. Follow the @ObamaFoundation for updates, and let us know what you think!

Допис, поширений Michelle Obama (@michelleobama)

Considering the location of the future center – the historic Jackson Park developed back in 1893 – it has all the chances to become a popular place among not only Chicagoans but also the guests of the city. The majority of the space will be free and open to the public, insists the Obama Foundation.

An economic engine for the neighborhood


The former president seems to feel pretty optimistic and excited about the project. In his speech, Barack Obama shared his high hopes for the Center.

We want to create an economic engine for the South Side of Chicago. A cultural attraction that showcases the South Side to the rest of the world.

The center is going to create numerous jobs for the citizens and, therefore, benefit the city’s economy. But, most importantly, the Obamas want to turn the center into a place where people can learn not only from books but from each other; where they can freely exchange their thoughts and improve their skills in different areas.

Допис, поширений Michelle Obama (@michelleobama)

Many social media users were inspired by the idea of the center.

As Barack Obama admitted himself, the center is still “a work in process” and they will keep asking for “help, ideas, and feedback along the way.”

The video presents a revised version of the upcoming Presidential Center. The previous plan was released in May 2017 and faced criticism for undermining the serene landscape of Jackson Park.

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