Baby Developed Cancer In The Womb And Had To Undergo Grueling Chemo At Just 14 Days Old


Baby Developed Cancer In The Womb And Had To Undergo Grueling Chemo At Just 14 Days Old

Parents try to protect their children throughout their lives, but it is important to pay attention to baby’s health while it hasn’t even been born yet.


Dr. Erin Breese says that everyone can get cancer even babies. According to recent statistics, roughly 23 of every 100,000 babies are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Annaleise Sisneros is one of the youngest cancer sufferers in the world. No one knows why it happened, but her mother blamed herself.

Just two weeks after she was born, the tiny baby was treated with heavy drugs by up to 20 doctors. Sadly, her little hair even fell out as a result of chemotherapy.

Annaleise is now nearly nine months old and she has a devastating diagnosis – acute myeloid leukemia, which is a blood cancer that is very rare to develop in kids.

According to doctors, it is very likely that cancer developed when the baby was in the womb as she had the bumps when she was born. Her mom, the 25-year-old Brandy, admitted she felt guilty, saying:

I blamed myself. Maybe it was something, a chemical I was using. Once you’re pregnant everything you expose to yourself you expose to a baby.

Luckily, Annaleise is now in remission.

It is very important to commit to healthy choices when you are pregnant to prevent birth defects. Pregnant women should avoid any harmful substances at any cause and choose a healthy lifestyle.


Remember that your baby’s health is directly dependent on your choices.

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