Baby Boy Left In A Dumpster At Birth Became Founder & CEO Of $62.3 Millions Company


Baby Boy Left In A Dumpster At Birth Became Founder & CEO Of $62.3 Millions Company



Many parents wonder if their adopted children will ever be successful. But this story of a baby abounded by his own mother proves that love and support of adoptive parents can make wonders.

A story of love and success

Can a baby found in a dumpster turn into a founder and CEO of a multi-million company? Anything can happen! Where we begin our life doesn’t have to determine we will go. Every single human being has the potential for greatness.

An abounded baby was found in a dumpster after his mother threw him away because she didn’t want him. This is how Freddie Figger’s life started. But he didn’t let this sad fact determine his whole existence.

When he was just 2 days old, he was adopted by Nathan and Betty Figgers, who raised him with love and support he desperately needed. From a young age, Freddie showed signs of incredible intelligence.

When he turned 9, he got his first computer and at 12, he got his first job as a computer technician. 3 years later, Freddie started his own cloud computing services. When his dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the boy invented a special device that he inserted into Nathan’s shoe to track where he is.

A Kansas company bought the device for $2.2 million which helped Freddie to start his own company that is now valued over $62 million. He also created a device for people with diabetes – a cell phone that has a built-in wireless blood glucose meter.

At 29, Freddie became a model of incredible success and inspiration for many abounded children.

But how to raise a successful child?

It’s important to set goals and reward your kid for achieving them. But the rewards should always match the level of the goal.

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It would be advisable to have your kid create a vision board while you work on creating a nurturing environment for him or her. Your child should know that success is not an accident, it takes hard work and dedication.

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