Awww! Animal Shelter Cats Are Learning Cute Tricks Just For A Chance At Adoption


Awww! Animal Shelter Cats Are Learning Cute Tricks Just For A Chance At Adoption



Cats are winning! They dominate in the realm of social media and now, they are about to solidify their place in the hearts of pet lovers forever. But first, how to get your hands on the cat of your dreams!

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Ever considered adopting a cat?

Most people are not willing to adopt animals for a host of reasons, and so they miss out on getting the pets best suited for them. When it comes to owning a pet, however, keeping an open mind can work in your favor.

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Adoption can be a better option to try out. Animal shelters are teaming with cats waiting to find someone who’ll love them. And they cost far less to get. Besides, it’s such a harmless feel good thing to do.

Cats are learning cute tricks just for you

If you are the kind of pet lover who needs extra convincing, the Cat Pawsitive program was created just for you. An initiative of The Jackson Galaxy Project by, the program wants to help cats find new homes.

It requires animal shelters with adoptable cats to teach their furry pets skills, like giving the perfect high five or jumping through hoops. It hopes these skills will increase their chances of adoption.


On the flip side, even if they don’t get adopted, these activities would be great for their stress levels and make their time in shelters easier.

Just adopt a cat already

And if these cute tricks are still not enough to make you get that cat, it might be hard to convince you. But we’ll give it a try because we seriously think cats are great house pets, and they don’t get the credit they deserve.


They don’t require your attention 24/7. You can leave them on their own for a few hours at a time. They are also low maintenance, except you are one to preen your cats. Importantly, cats are litter-box trained and they purr.

What more can your ask for as a pet owner?

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