At 72, Helen Mirren Shares A Makeup-Free Photo To Prove Beauty Has No Age Limit


At 72, Helen Mirren Shares A Makeup-Free Photo To Prove Beauty Has No Age Limit


Even at 72, Dame Helen Mirren looks absolutely stunning for her age. And the actress is not only comfortable talking about digits, but she also discusses the inevitability of death and the importance of contemplating it. As she says:

I want to continue with passion for life and love until the last days. I see life as a gift and I enjoy it.

Well, this might explain why she looks so great! However, the award-winning actress often doesn’t think so, as she has faced insecurity her entire life, believing she’s not beautiful enough. But she gladly puts it behind when proving that beauty can be ageless!

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This time, Mirren took to Instagram on the Oscars night to show off her transformation. In the first snap, the 72-year-old is seen without makeup, displaying her age-defying features and smooth complexion. And artists only enhanced her natural beauty with cosmetics.

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Now, look at the result!

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With her pixie crop styled, a bodycon blue dress, and accessories, the A-list star caught the attention of many on the red carpet.


But this was not the first time the actress shared makeup-free photos. While she was enjoying the view of the red moon earlier this year, Mirren posted a pic taken in the early morning hours where she showed off her bare face.

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Currently, many celebs share such photos because fans can relate to them. And we love getting a glimpse of stars without makeup.

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