Astonishing Victoria Beckham's Style Transformation: From Posh Spice To Trendsetting Fashion Designer


Astonishing Victoria Beckham's Style Transformation: From Posh Spice To Trendsetting Fashion Designer

Most of us still think of Victoria Beckham as a part of Spice Girls. But these days, she’s been confidently making her name as a fashion designer.

Victoria’s designs evolved from simple bodycon styles to complex layered outfits, which follow the standards of modern tailoring.

Just like her brand, Beckham went through ups and dows with her individual style. Let’s look at some of the most iconic outfits, which have been defining Victoria through the years.

Stage extravagance

When Spice Girls went on their famous return tour, Victoria rocked gold corset and leggins combo. Definitely a bold choice, but you will never catch her wearing anything similar nowadays.


Ready for a fashion show

This burgundy sequin dress was probably the center of attention during Marc Jacobs fashion show. Despite it looking somewhat questionable, this is still Victoria’s favorite cut: medium length and fitted.


Classic bodycon

Of course we couldn’t leave out the staple of late 2000s – bodycon dress. Beckham was a big fan of this style, and was often seen wearing something like this.


New and improved

This orange dress still followed Victoria’s older style, but the fit, color, and fabric saw some significant improvement.


Old Hollywood vibes

To celebrate her dear friend Eva Longoria getting a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beckham wore a very retro-looking white blouse and long matching skirt. This is a substantial change from her regular fitted outfits, but it looked amazing on her.


Royal wedding chic

Victoria returned to her favorite fitted midi dress for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, but she modernized it with unusual sleeves and high necline. Beckham looked absolutely gorgeous and very elegant, which shows how much her fashion sense has changed.


As we can see, Victoria Beckham went through major changes in her fashion choices, and we can definitely say it was all for the best.

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