Ashton Kutcher Brings Ellen To Tears With A $4 Million Donation To The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund


Ashton Kutcher Brings Ellen To Tears With A $4 Million Donation To The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund

The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund has received a massive donation of $4 million from actor and business investor Ashton Kutcher. The former Punk’d host made the surprise donation on Wednesday’s recording of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

DeGeneres was completely taken off-guard by the donation, especially seeing as she is usually the one springing pleasant surprises on guests on the show and even fans. She even shed a few tears.

On the show, Kutcher, who also happens to be DeGeneres’ neighbor, recalled how he first got to know about the fund.

I ran into you on the beach, and you told me about this amazing birthday gift that you got from Portia, and you explained to me that if you weren’t doing this, that you would be working on that project, right? You would be saving the gorillas.

He also added that he was a bit surprised when DeGeneres said she would be needing help with the fund sometime soon. Kutcher said it was a bit surprising because the DeGeneres he knew hardly ever asked for help.

The fund was a birthday present from DeGeneres’ wife, Portia de Rossi, to mark her 60th birthday back in January this year.

Kutcher made the donation on behalf of Ripple, a company he and his business partner, Guy Oseary, are investors in. Oseary said he once got a call from DeGeneres where she spoke about the fund and he too promised to support her.

In spite of the overwhelming feelings, DeGeneres still managed to respond after the donation announcement, saying it was “the most amazing thing.” Finally, she added:

Thank you, I love you both so much.


DeGeneres also took to Twitter to thank Kutcher and Ripple for the amazing donation. And many of her fans are sharing their thoughts too.

Kutcher has a track record for making donations to charitable causes. It is heartwarming to see him also contribute to saving wildlife.

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