Antonio 'Popeye' Francis, Famous Eye-Popper From "Britain's Got Talent," Is Dead At 54


Antonio 'Popeye' Francis, Famous Eye-Popper From "Britain's Got Talent," Is Dead At 54

Former “Britain’s Got Talent” semi-finalist Antonio ‘Popeye’ Francis passed on last Saturday after suffering a stroke. His son, Dan Francis, made the announcement on Saturday, saying they found his father unconscious in his apartment.

According to Dan, his father had been in a state for at least six days prior. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors were able to resuscitate him and he even began breathing on his own for two days. Sadly, he suffered severe damage to his brain.

The late Antonio ‘Popeye’ Francis had the uncanny ability to pop his eyeballs out of their sockets and roll them in tune to music beats. Here are some of his best moments from the 2011 season of the show:

Fans of the late TV star are still sending in their condolences to Francis’ family, and the humor was not lost. After appearing on the show, Antonio ‘Popeye’ Francis moved to Barbados but visited the UK on occasion. His son Dan revealed that the reality TV star wanted to be buried in Barbados too.

On August 20, Dan revealed that he had started a GoFundMe page to raise money for his father’s funeral. The page has raised more than £1,730 of the £5,000 needed to cover funeral costs.

Antonio ‘Popeye’ Francis will always be remembered for the zany humor he brought to the BGT stage. Farewell.

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