Anti-Mexican Sentiment Rears Its Ugly Head As 92-Year-Old Man Gets Beaten By African American Woman


Anti-Mexican Sentiment Rears Its Ugly Head As 92-Year-Old Man Gets Beaten By African American Woman

A video making the rounds on social media and new outlets showing a 92-year-old Mexican who got beaten inches from to a pulp by a woman holding a brick is raising new questions about racism in America.

The grandfather was taking a walk in a Willowbrook neighborhood on July 4, when the incident occurred. The following images are excerpts from the incident and are quite graphic in nature.

Fox 11 Los Angeles / YouTube

According to a report by CNN, Rodolfo Rodriguez was walking down a street when he passed an African American woman who was walking with a child. He says she suddenly turned to him, began showing him and solicited the help of other men close-by in assaulting him.

I didn’t even bump into her kid. I just passed her and she pushed me and she hit me until she was done.

Fox 11 Los Angeles / YouTube

While LA County Sheriff’s Deputy D’Angelo Robinson told CNN affiliate KTLA that there was confirmation about the presence of a child at the incident, the investigation continues to determine the truth about the incident.

Rodriguez also said that the woman accused him of trying to take her daughter from her before the attack began. He suffered a broken jaw, broken cheekbones, two broken ribs and bruises on his face, back, and abdomen.

Fox 11 Los Angeles / YouTube

Rodriguez’s grandson, Eric Mendoza, says he just wants to know why his father was attacked and was deeply saddened by the incident. Rodriguez was just taking a walk around the block as its his hobby while visiting his relatives in Willowbrook.

Misbel Borjas, an eyewitness who recorded a video of the attack said she heard the woman asking Rodriguez to “go back to your country, go back to Mexico,” clearly suggesting that this is a race-motivated attack. The woman attacked Rodrigues with a brick, hitting him several times on his face and body.  

Fox 11 Los Angeles / YouTube

Local residents of Willowbrook have spoken out against the attack, especially as it was against a poor defenseless old man.

Commentators on social media are divided on their position, some calling out the African American and Latino community in America for intolerance while others suggest that President Trump and his anti-Mexican policies are to blame.

The fact remains that this is just another revelation about the issue of intolerance in America. Before anything else, people need to remember that the tags society places on people are irrelevant if the law is respected and humanity is the driving force for all actions.

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